Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Alexa Chung, the new Dorothy, and the next Zara viral accessory: the red shoes

ZARA caption
According to Vogue Spain, after the Yellow Biker the new viral garment could be these red shoes named: Mid heel shoes with straps, whose brand is, of course, ZARA: the low cost brand par excellence. Or at least it is what María Mérida suspects in the article that she wrote for this magazine. 
Agreeing to the sources, they are out of stock in both Zara Spain and Zara USA online shops. I also checked other countries such as China (including Hong Kong) and Japan. This search leads me that I cannot confirm that they are out of stock because these shoes do not even appear in the Zara shopping online webpage of these countries. However, if we take into account the Zara strategy, I can determine that they are sold out, since Zara usually sells online the same products that are found in its stores. 
If this is true, and it is clear a case of a new viral garment, I wonder what are the characteristics that make these products become viral? I do not think that just Alexa Chung or any other trendsetter are 100% responsible of this fact. Could be the combination of three factors? 

Trendsetter + price + association with a luxury brand= everyone want it 

-We have the trendsetter: Alexa Chung was wearing this shoes while she was recording the new fall/winter collection for AG. 

-The price in Spain, as we can read and check in the webpage, is EUR 30 while that in the United States the price is a little bit higher. It is exactly $49.90. More than affordable. 

-Association with a luxury brand: AG whose jeans cost approximately $200

What do you think about this formula? Do you have any other? Share it! 

Friday, June 10, 2016

How to reduce dark circles and relieve stinging eyes naturally

It has been a long time without writing a new post (sorry about that), but I have had rough weeks. However, here I am again with new ideas and post to write.  Today, I would like to dedicate this new post to introduce you a beauty trick/ tip that you may be already using, since it is very popular, but perhaps you can still find some useful information here, it is the reason why I am inviting you to read and share it.

Some days we wake up and when look at the mirror, the only think that we see is awful dark circles under our eyes. Then, we try to make them up using some anti-dark circles expecting that they go away and a miracle happens. Depending on the treatment that you are using, that miracle could happen (let me know if there is a good and cheap anti-dark circles, please write its name and brand bellow and I will try it). However, if you have not discovered any yet, and you still want to say good bye to your dark circles under eyes I recommend you to use slides of cucumbers. I am not going to discover anything new here, but just if you put your slides of cucumber in the freezer instead of the refrigerator you will see better results because when you put the slides of a cucumber which has just stayed in the refrigerator, the slides will become warm pretty quick, and it is not enough to ends with your dark circles under eyes.

Nevertheless, If you put the slides in the freezer and wait until they are frozen to put them directly in your eyes, they could be too much cold and this cold will last more time. I suggest you to leave 3 minutes out of the freezer and then, put them directly into your eyes for 10-15 minutes long. The best time is mornings but if you do not have too much time in the morning, you can do it at nights and it still works.

I have been using this trick for a long time and it worked very well. The only problem that I have found is during allergy seasons, especially spring. During this allergy seasons, I feel eye itching very often, so when I put the cucumber slices on them is just fine, but after a while my eyes start itching not just because of my allergy but also because the cucumber produces me that itch.  For this reason I just substituted cucumber for two chamomile tea bags during this season. It is a simple trick, the only thing that you have to do is to boil water and put the two tea bags, after 3 minutes, you can either drink the tea or just drop the water and, put the tea bags in the freezer until they remain frozen. After that, leave them outside from the freezer for 3 minutes before putting them on your eyes. This tip is good for reducing either your dark circles under eyes or relieving itchy eyes caused by the allergies.

Thank you very much for reading this post and let me know if you have any other trick for dark circles under eyes! I will love to try it out!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bye Bye tights....

Summer is almost around the corner. It is time to get our legs ready to say goodbye to the tights and let them walk freely. If you already got your laser hair removal, this post will not be useful, since I would like to focus on giving two useful tips or tricks to make a depilation more effective when traditional methods are used, especially if you remove your hair shaving it Although, this post could be also helpful to whom use waxing for removing hair.

The first step is to use an exfoliating sponge and wipe it over the skin, it will help to remove dead skin and let some of your possible encrusted hairs go out. The second step is complementary to the first one. This one is all about to wipe an exfoliating scrub over, I suggest you to use one which contains a granulated texture. These grains are important to get a perfect finish eradicating all those encrusted hairs that were not eliminated in the first step.

An exfoliating scrub will hydrate your skin while the blade of the razor will slip ease and softly. The third step is the depilation itself  (with wax or a razor). If you are depilating with wax, I suggest you to spread aloe in your legs after that. If, on the contrary, you have used a razor, you will not need to use any moisturizes because your skin will already be hydrate and ready to go.

Tip 1: If you are using a razor, I strongly recommend one which contain soap all over specially if your skin is sensitive. Some of my favorite brands, which are easy to find all over the globe: Gillette Venus and Schick Intuition.

Tip 2: Regarding the exfoliating cream, I suggest you to use one whose texture is dense and buttery. It will provide you extra hydration. The scrub  that I am using is Cocoa Butter, exfoliating salt scrub by The Somerset Toiletry Co. 
Another similar exfoliating scrubs easy to find in any country: Coconut Body Scrub by The Body Shop (Value $20) and Sugar Body Scrub by Sephora Collection (Value $20)

If you have any idea or some tips, please do not forget to share it writing a comment!!