Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Alexa Chung, the new Dorothy, and the next Zara viral accessory: the red shoes

ZARA caption
According to Vogue Spain, after the Yellow Biker the new viral garment could be these red shoes named: Mid heel shoes with straps, whose brand is, of course, ZARA: the low cost brand par excellence. Or at least it is what María Mérida suspects in the article that she wrote for this magazine. 
Agreeing to the sources, they are out of stock in both Zara Spain and Zara USA online shops. I also checked other countries such as China (including Hong Kong) and Japan. This search leads me that I cannot confirm that they are out of stock because these shoes do not even appear in the Zara shopping online webpage of these countries. However, if we take into account the Zara strategy, I can determine that they are sold out, since Zara usually sells online the same products that are found in its stores. 
If this is true, and it is clear a case of a new viral garment, I wonder what are the characteristics that make these products become viral? I do not think that just Alexa Chung or any other trendsetter are 100% responsible of this fact. Could be the combination of three factors? 

Trendsetter + price + association with a luxury brand= everyone want it 

-We have the trendsetter: Alexa Chung was wearing this shoes while she was recording the new fall/winter collection for AG. 

-The price in Spain, as we can read and check in the webpage, is EUR 30 while that in the United States the price is a little bit higher. It is exactly $49.90. More than affordable. 

-Association with a luxury brand: AG whose jeans cost approximately $200

What do you think about this formula? Do you have any other? Share it! 

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