Friday, May 27, 2016

Three Summer Essentials 2016

This post brings you the three must-have accessories for this summer 2016. All women around the globe are already using and of course, you will not want to miss them:

Tom Ford Irina Sunglasses
Value:$ 390
Tom Ford Campbell Shiny Square Sunglasses
Cat eyes sunglasses: I did not buy any yet because I am still looking for the brand which offers the best value for money. So far, I consider that my favorite ones are Tom Ford because I like the model and the price is high but I can still find them cheaper at Nordstrom Rack

Kate Spade New York: $128
Michael Kors: $130
Michael Kors: $158
Tory Burch: $395
Crossbody leather bags: They are just right for long evening walks/shopping/night events because they have the perfect size for a wallet, cell phone and your lipstick. Also, if you select an easy combinable color such as bone, nude, brown or black you will be able to use in too many occasions since they match with almost all your outfits.  The most popular brands for these purses are: Michael Kors,Tory Burch and Kate Spade

Pompom, lace up or/and gladiator sandals: If you did not buy a pair of sandals for this summer yet, I suggest you to purchase any of these styles either flat or heels.
 However, if you can only buy one pair, I would suggest you that based on what I have been observing on the streets, lace up are the favs whilst pompom and gladiator sandals have not been seen as much as lace up so far, but I am pretty sure that they will get more visibility in June and July. Actually, we can find pompom and gladiator sandals combined.
Zara High Heel Leather Lace-up Sandals
Value: 69.90

Zara Pompom Leather Sandals Value:$ 89.90
White Lace up Leather Sandals by Etsy Value: $104

 Boho sandals,"Chili Mango" by Etsy Value: $182.49

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  1. I like whithe lace up leather sandals by etsy!I'm going to buy it!