Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"All-seasonal" casual dresses

Jacquard-weave dress: H&M (Collection Spring 2016) Value: $49.99
Red Dress: H&M (collection Spring 2014)
Currently, I am living in Washington DC and my life is pretty busy, it does not allow me to go shopping quite often (I hope that situation changes in the near future). Therefore I suggest you to keep in your closet and/or baggage (if you are a traveler) a pair of the so-called seasonal dresses.
When I use the term "all-seasonal" I have in mind a short, single color dress or a classic dress whose design is a sophisticated pattern, an example of this last one would be a Jacquard-weave dress. Another important characteristic to take into account is the fabric; hence it should be made of a light and thin textile, such as silk, Georgette, Voile, Chiffon, etc which allows you to use it in warmer seasons. These are the basic tips that you will need to make the perfect choice.

Once you have selected the right dress, you will need accessories to help your outfit make it all-seasonal:
For fall/winter you will want to be warm. To get this goal you will have to make your dress look warmer as well. For this, you will need a pair of dark and thick tights (this color is always a win because it matches with everything), a pair of boots and a cardigan. Do not forget a purse whose color match with the color of the dress or boots. I would recommend a purse in a dark color like the tights.

1. Nine West Tall Wedge Boots. Value: $132.30
HUE Black tights. Value $ 15
3.J.Crew Factory Always Cardigan. Value:$19.50 
. 4.Kate Spade New York Hayden Leather totel Bag:Value $ 358 

GAP Retro Sunglasses 
Value: $15.95
For summer/spring, forget tights and warm/dark cardigans and focus on a nice  pair of sandals and a small purse or wallet bag, the color of these accessories should be the lightest possible. Tips: do not forget sunglasses, it is a summer/spring indispensable fashion accessory. Also, you will probably need to use cardigan for those rainy spring/summer days, then I suggest you to pick one in pastel or white color.

Dress H&M (Collection Spring 2016)
Sandals: Zara (Collection Spring/Summer 2016)
Wallet Bag: Francescas Collection (Collection Fall 2013)
Sunglasses: GAP Cat Eye in Black $ 25.00

Francescas Collection Amalia Wallet Bag
Value: $20.00
Zara Sandals collection Spring/Summer 2016:
Left: Strappy Sandals with Gem Detail: Value: $49.90
Right: Flat Sparkle Sandals: Value $29.90

Friday, May 27, 2016

Three Summer Essentials 2016

This post brings you the three must-have accessories for this summer 2016. All women around the globe are already using and of course, you will not want to miss them:

Tom Ford Irina Sunglasses
Value:$ 390
Tom Ford Campbell Shiny Square Sunglasses
Cat eyes sunglasses: I did not buy any yet because I am still looking for the brand which offers the best value for money. So far, I consider that my favorite ones are Tom Ford because I like the model and the price is high but I can still find them cheaper at Nordstrom Rack

Kate Spade New York: $128
Michael Kors: $130
Michael Kors: $158
Tory Burch: $395
Crossbody leather bags: They are just right for long evening walks/shopping/night events because they have the perfect size for a wallet, cell phone and your lipstick. Also, if you select an easy combinable color such as bone, nude, brown or black you will be able to use in too many occasions since they match with almost all your outfits.  The most popular brands for these purses are: Michael Kors,Tory Burch and Kate Spade

Pompom, lace up or/and gladiator sandals: If you did not buy a pair of sandals for this summer yet, I suggest you to purchase any of these styles either flat or heels.
 However, if you can only buy one pair, I would suggest you that based on what I have been observing on the streets, lace up are the favs whilst pompom and gladiator sandals have not been seen as much as lace up so far, but I am pretty sure that they will get more visibility in June and July. Actually, we can find pompom and gladiator sandals combined.
Zara High Heel Leather Lace-up Sandals
Value: 69.90

Zara Pompom Leather Sandals Value:$ 89.90
White Lace up Leather Sandals by Etsy Value: $104

 Boho sandals,"Chili Mango" by Etsy Value: $182.49

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tote Bag: The best travel companion

After finishing all arrangements for a vacation or business trip, the packing moment arrives. Depending on the duration of the trip or your convenience, you will carry a determined number of bags. However, this post is not about how many bags is the perfect number to travel with, but the best type of purse that you should carry besides your (check-in) baggage and/or carry on.

For this reason, I would like to introduce you what -I consider- is the most suitable purse to carry during a trip -and believe me I am an expert on this field-. Since I start traveling, in 2006 I did not stop catching (domestic, transoceanic, charter)   flights, trains, subway, bus, etc.  These circumstances allowed me to try different combinations of baggage: traveling just with a carry on, with a carry on and purse, just with purse, etc. The reason why I tried different combination was because I had no found a purse which was able to meet all the requirements to make my trip comfortable. Nevertheless, it changed in 2014, when my friends gave this ALDO handbag for my birthday. My first impression was kind of negative because that purse did not match with my purse style that I used to wear daily by then. However, I decided to give it a chance, and it led me to using it every day because I realized that it was very convenient. This wearing comfort helped me to make the decision to use it in a trip. From that moment, this purse becomes crucial in all my trips and let me discover the right characteristics that the perfect travel purse should possess.

What are the four features that a perfect travel purse should possess?
1. Size: No too big no too small. How do you know what is the size what I am talking about? First, try to put your laptop in the purse and close it.(Mac air or ultrabook) Of course, the laptop has to occupy almost all space in your purse, but there should have some room left in both sides of the laptop. This room will be occupied by your toilet bag and something else that you need (food, a folder, a bottle of water, etc)
2. Handles: Make sure that purse selected is a double handle because some trips are too long and you will want to change the way of wearing it.
3. Zip Zip: A zipper on the top please. It is more than essential. You will not want to lose anything.
4. Material: Synthetic, leather or any kind of material easy to clean. I do not recommend velvet or suede. Select always a rigid one.

Similar Tote Bags that you could be interested in:
H&M handbag
Color: black
Price: $39.99
H&M handbag
Color: Powder
Price: $39.99

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Are curvy models really fashionable or is it just a marketing strategy?

When I decided to write this blog, I did not have in mind to write about news or polemic issues, since my goal was and still is to write about fashion trends, beauty and travel. Nevertheless, there had been a couple of news, regarding to the fashion world, which called my eye and made me wonder, are curvy models really fashionable, or is it just another marketing strategy?

These two questions came to my mind after reading the positive reactions that the last swimsuit line -Swimsuits For All- launched by Ashley Graham - plus size model and body activist- provoked yesterday. It contrasts with scandal in which Facebook has been caught up today, about the censorship of a Tess Holliday's picture -plus size model- because of showing “body parts in an undesirable manner.” If we compare both pictures, what is the difference that we find between them? We should not find too many differences because their targeted audience is the same: curvy women. All what we are supposed to observe is two curvy models posing with a swimsuit.

Therefore, why did Ashley Graham photos receive all outstanding critics by showing her body in swimsuit, and Tess Holliday was banned by mistake? Could have this mistake happened to one of Ashley Graham´s picture swimsuit collection?

The photo of Tess Holliday was promoting a feminist event on body positivity. Photograph: Cherchez La Femme by The Guardian  The photo of Ashley Graham was promoting her swimsuit line for Swimsuits for all. The picture was taken by www.swimsuitsforall.com
The photo of Tess Holliday was promoting a feminist event on boy positivity. Photograph: Cherchez La Femme by The Guardian
The photo of Ashley Graham was promoting her swimsuit line for Swimsuits for all. The picture ws taken by www.swimsuitsforall.com 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Golden zinc and copper Mud Mask

The Mud Mask Purifying and Mattifying by Sephora Collection  is indispensable for my facial cleansing routine. It helps to relief my skin and unclog all pores. I suggest using it once per week if you have a sensitive and/or mix skin. In contrast, if your skin is oily, you must use it twice per week to get a flawless finish.
This mud mask contains minerals in its formula and a delicious aroma. The texture of this mask is not sticky and it is easy to remove as long as you use warm water.
Price: $20 in USA, 13,95 EUR

Friday, May 20, 2016

To be yellow or not to be black, that is the question for the right biker color

Zara Leather Jacket with Zips: $99.90
 The Black biker is a trend right now and it will be a  trend tomorrow, it means that black bikers are one of these classic clothing that we should keep in our wardrobe.
Zara Black Biker Jacket: $69.90 
However yellow, pink, blue, green..bikers are a trend today. Tomorrow, however, if you wear one of those you will immediately, become April O'Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Therefore, the answer  about what is the right color for your biker depends on just one thing: your budget. As long as you keep a black one in your wardrobe, you can get the yellow/pink/blue/green for this short season, after that, you will want to burn it or use it just as a costume for parties.

Shh! Shh! Time for skincare with an Egg Mousse Soap by Too Cool for School

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I was looking for something cool, new and fresh  facial cleanser  and what I found? Egg Mousse Soap by Too Cool for School. I found out this new product at Sephora and I really recommend it.
1. The texture: the touch is like creamy foam as the name of product say itself: Mousse 
2. Efficiency: Eliminates all make up and dead skin cells
3. Easy to apply and remove
4. This product works with sensitive facial skin. 
5. Price: $20 in USA and it lasts a long time since it is no needed to use a large quantity of product 

More info about the brand: Too Cool For School
The origin or nationality of this product -South Korea- is another reason why I strongly recommend this article, since all South Korean skincare brands are well known around the world because of their reliability.

Do not miss it! 

I will keep trying and posting Too Cool for School products.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Zara shiny feet for this summer

My first post is dedicated to my favorite article of clothing: Shoes  Although,  I have a lot of pairs, and almost no room for any pair more. I always find a small place for a new pair of summer flat sandals.
In this case I would like to introduce you these Sparkle Sandals by Zara. I consider that they are one of those summer essential articles that you cannot miss. These ones are not just elegant, but also  comfy. These are ideals to wear in almost every occasion; from the most informal date to especial events, since they are very easy to match with any outfit (formal and informal) such as jeans, dresses, skirts..etc.
Price: $29.95 USA / 19.95 EUR