Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tote Bag: The best travel companion

After finishing all arrangements for a vacation or business trip, the packing moment arrives. Depending on the duration of the trip or your convenience, you will carry a determined number of bags. However, this post is not about how many bags is the perfect number to travel with, but the best type of purse that you should carry besides your (check-in) baggage and/or carry on.

For this reason, I would like to introduce you what -I consider- is the most suitable purse to carry during a trip -and believe me I am an expert on this field-. Since I start traveling, in 2006 I did not stop catching (domestic, transoceanic, charter)   flights, trains, subway, bus, etc.  These circumstances allowed me to try different combinations of baggage: traveling just with a carry on, with a carry on and purse, just with purse, etc. The reason why I tried different combination was because I had no found a purse which was able to meet all the requirements to make my trip comfortable. Nevertheless, it changed in 2014, when my friends gave this ALDO handbag for my birthday. My first impression was kind of negative because that purse did not match with my purse style that I used to wear daily by then. However, I decided to give it a chance, and it led me to using it every day because I realized that it was very convenient. This wearing comfort helped me to make the decision to use it in a trip. From that moment, this purse becomes crucial in all my trips and let me discover the right characteristics that the perfect travel purse should possess.

What are the four features that a perfect travel purse should possess?
1. Size: No too big no too small. How do you know what is the size what I am talking about? First, try to put your laptop in the purse and close it.(Mac air or ultrabook) Of course, the laptop has to occupy almost all space in your purse, but there should have some room left in both sides of the laptop. This room will be occupied by your toilet bag and something else that you need (food, a folder, a bottle of water, etc)
2. Handles: Make sure that purse selected is a double handle because some trips are too long and you will want to change the way of wearing it.
3. Zip Zip: A zipper on the top please. It is more than essential. You will not want to lose anything.
4. Material: Synthetic, leather or any kind of material easy to clean. I do not recommend velvet or suede. Select always a rigid one.

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  1. Thank YOU very much!On my next trip I Will follow your advice

  2. You are welcome, I will keep posting accessories and clothing that I consider essential for traveling!
    Thank you for your post! :)

  3. Ho una borsa d'Aldo e mi piace molto! È perfetta per viaggiare.