Friday, May 20, 2016

Shh! Shh! Time for skincare with an Egg Mousse Soap by Too Cool for School

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I was looking for something cool, new and fresh  facial cleanser  and what I found? Egg Mousse Soap by Too Cool for School. I found out this new product at Sephora and I really recommend it.
1. The texture: the touch is like creamy foam as the name of product say itself: Mousse 
2. Efficiency: Eliminates all make up and dead skin cells
3. Easy to apply and remove
4. This product works with sensitive facial skin. 
5. Price: $20 in USA and it lasts a long time since it is no needed to use a large quantity of product 

More info about the brand: Too Cool For School
The origin or nationality of this product -South Korea- is another reason why I strongly recommend this article, since all South Korean skincare brands are well known around the world because of their reliability.

Do not miss it! 

I will keep trying and posting Too Cool for School products.

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