Friday, August 5, 2016

Goof proof for everyone!!

Here I am again nearly to be ready to start again. After two long months of holidays in Spain, it is almost time to come back to Washington DC. However, before I come back, I would like to present a new product that my mom and I have been using during this summer in Spain, and of course we will keep using this fall and winter as well.
The product that I am talking about belongs to "Benefit Brow Collection".  Benefit is a well known and popular cosmetic brand from San Francisco (USA). This brand is not new, since it started in 1976 and I have been using some of its wonderful products long time ago. Therefore, I can say that all products of this brand have always fulfilled my necessities. For this reason, I have not doubted to trust in this brand again over others which offer similar brow products.
As you already know, today everyone wear a perfect brows since it give to our face a special touch. The problem comes when we are lack of hair in our brows and we have to fake it through drawing with pencils or other products. These technique make our brows look artificial and easy to notice that they have been made up, especially if we are not make up professionals as my mom and myself. This is the main reason why I decided to try Benefit Brow Collection, since I would like to return brows to my mom and make mine look better without the necessity of using makeup professional services.

In the picture you can notice that my mom is lack of eyebrows, but after the application of goof proof eye brow pencil  number 2 she gets eyebrows again in a natural way. They do not seem to be drawn, since the traces cannot be perceived thanks to the brush which helps to blend the traces. This product is very convenient if you have thin and skimpies eyebrows as my mom. However, if your eyebrows are shapeless or patchy there are other products that will fulfill your necessities and expectations. My advice is going to the store and tries by yourself some products. Do not buy online without trying, especially if you are not a professional or you are looking for a product easy to apply. First, you have to know which your necessities are and second which product is the easiest one for you to apply, since based on my experience not all of them are easy. For example I consider this product does not meet my necessities, but I still use it for fill some part of my brows lacking of hair. If you are wondering if you can combine several products, the answer is yes, probably you have to in order to get a perfect finish.
Do not over think and look perfect and natural eyebrows !

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